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Chelsea Wolfe’s “Dusk” Is Our Heavy Song of the Week

Chelsea Wolfe’s “Dusk” Is Our Heavy Song of the Week

Chelsea Wolfe's "Dusk" Is Our Heavy Song of the Week

Heavy Song of the Week is a feature on Heavy Consequence breaking down the top metal and hard rock tracks you need to hear every Friday. This week, the honor goes to Chelsea Wolfe for her new song “Dusk.”

Chelsea Wolfe’s new single “Dusk” deserves to be heard on a good set of speakers or headphones. It’s a decidedly hi-fi offering, teeming with details that build toward the larger sonic whole — subtleties that certainly benefit from proper audio reproduction.

For Wolfe, the genre-defying “Dusk” is one of her more elaborate recordings to date, a culmination of her career thus far. She’s dabbled in everything from sparse dark folk to metalcore — her lexicon is vast — and she recently contributed to the soundtrack for A24 film X. We’ll gander that she applied some of the cinematic techniques from her soundtrack work into the production of this new song, which was handled alongside studio wizard David Andrew Sitek (of TV on the Radio). Wolfe’s dynamic vocals float atop slow-tempo beats, brooding guitar arpeggios, and the aforementioned effects and adornments, rendering a lush landscape of sound.

Honorable Mentions:

Bush – “Nowhere to Go but Everywhere”

Bands putting new songs on a greatest-hits compilation is common practice. Unfortunately, said songs usually come off like an awkward addendum — a tool for promoting the compilation rather than a “great hit.” As the single for their upcoming hits collection, Bush’s “Nowhere to Go but Everywhere” defies this convention. It feels like a celebration of everything the band has achieved in its lengthy career — and a callback to its Sixteen Stone heyday. The grunge factor is on high, and Gavin Rossdale’s voice sounds like it hasn’t aged since he belted out “Glycerine.” Maybe it’s not a “hit” in today’s industry climate, but 20 years ago, this track would easily have the legs for the MTV Buzz Bin and beyond.

Creeper – “Black Heaven”

UK band Creeper are set to release their third full-length Sanguivore in October, and the latest single from the LP, “Black Heaven,” sees the group in full goth-punk mode. There are hints of Depeche Mode, Billy Idol, and The Cars here, and the late-night ’80s vibes are palpable (as emphasized by the Drive-esque music video).

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P.O.D. – “Drop”

P.O.D. carved out their own sound in the early aughts and stuck to it: a fusion of slam-metal riffs, melodic alt-rock, and West Coast hip-hop. P.O.D.’s first proper single in five years, “Drop,” is injected with plenty of nostalgia for the days when “Alive” and “Boom” dominated the radio, and Sandoval and company deliver tight and inspired performances reminiscent of their younger days. They even tapped Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe for a guest vocal spot, topping off the fun, live-ready tune with a jolt of aggression.

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